Globalinvestexp Forex Brokers Pepperstone Review – Pepperstone broker Scam or Legal ?

Pepperstone Review – Pepperstone broker Scam or Legal ?

Pepperstone Review – Pepperstone broker Scam or Legal ? post thumbnail image

Pepperstone broker: access to global markets for forex and CFDs

Pepperstone is a forex and CFD broker with over half a million clients globally. They have been awarded a number of international prizes such as platform reliability, best client relationship, best global forex ECN broker, and more. There is much more to Pepperstone, and it has all been included in this article.

On this Pepperstone review we will help you decide if this broker is what you need to accomplish your personal objectives. Key information on this broker had been organized and explained to make your search easier. Take a look and see if this forex broker is right for you!

What is the Pepperstone

pepperstone forex review

Pepperstone is an Australian broker that began functioning in 2010. According to their website, they process a daily trading average of $12.55 billion USD with their over 73 millions clients around the world. This broker offers services through top tier regulators such as the FCA and ASIC.

We invite you to read this Pepperstone review to learn more about the broker, and decide if it meets your needs. Take a look!

Pepperstone Review Security

Offices and regulation

The well known Pepperstone forex broker is regulated by top tier authorities, thus being able to offer services around the world. They have financial licenses with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) from the UK, Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), and the Australian Securities and Investment Commissions (ASIC).

Pepperstone’s headquarters are located at Level 16, Tower One, 727 Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia, VIC 3008. You can also find them at the following locations:

  • Pepperstone UK will be at 70 Gracechurch St, Langbourn, London EC3V 0HR.
  • Pepperstone UAE is located at Al Fattan Currency House, Level 15, Office 1502 A, Tower 2, DIFC. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Pepperstone The Bahamas is at Sea Sky Lane, B201, Sandyport. Nassau, New Province.

Main features

This broker offers an economic calendar that shares important events such as budget balances, independence day, labor day and other dates or economic indicators that could affect the market somehow. On the same calendar they specify the economic impact it could have around the world: low, medium or high.

Pepperstone also has security alerts and a special FAQ section on security. They have created this to make sure clients don’t fall for a scam.

Non accepted clients

Because of Pepperstone regulations, clients from the United States are not accepted.

Australia legal documents (Pepperstone Group Limited)

By opening an account with Pepperstone Group Limited, you have indicated that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms set out in each of these documents:

  • Financial Services Guide | Product Disclosure Statement (Retail clients only) | Terms and Conditions
    these documents govern your relationship with Pepperstone Group Limited, our Australian-licensed entity.
  • Target Market Determination- OTC Derivatives (Retail clients only) – This document sets out how we’re keeping clients at the centre of our approach to the design and distribution of our financial products. The contents of the TMD is general information only and it’s up to you to make sure the products that we offer suit your specific needs.
  • Pepperstone AU Privacy Policy –
    sets out how we collect and manage your personal information in compliance with Australian privacy laws when you trade with Pepperstone Group Limited, our Australian-licensed entity (if you are resident outside the UK and EEA).
  • EEA Privacy Policy (Pepperstone Group Limited) | Cookie Policy –
    these documents set out how we collect and manage your personal information in compliance with EU privacy laws if you are a UK or EEA resident trading with Pepperstone Group Limited, our Australian-licensed entity.
  • Demo Platform Terms and Conditions
  • Pepperstone Trading Platform Terms and Conditions – your use of this platform constitutes your agreement to comply with these Terms.
  • Pepperstone Platform Terms of Use and Demo Terms
  • Hedging Counterparties Policy –
    explains how we manage market risk and our exposure to our counterparties.
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) ID Check Requirements –
    sets out the kinds of information we need to verify your identity in compliance with AML laws.
  • Website Terms and Conditions –
    your use of our website constitutes your agreement to comply with these Terms.
  • AU Complaints Notice –
    explains our complaint handling procedures
  • Wholesale Client Information Statement (Professional clients only) –
    this document sets out your wholesale client relationship with Pepperstone Group Limited, our Australian-licensed entity.
  • VPS Terms & Conditions

Third Party Terms and Conditions –TradingView – apply if you connect your Pepperstone account with TradingView – apply if you use tools provided by on your Pepperstone account

Pepperstone Review – Pepperstone demo account

Pepperstone offers a live account for you to access the available market or you can also open the Pepperstone 30 day demo account and practice new strategies with paper money.

The live account can either be a standard or razor. The differences between these two have to do with spreads, swaps and commission amounts. The razor account is thought for scalpers and algorithmic traders.

Traders also have the option to become Pepperstone premium clients. In this case, you will receive benefits such as advanced market insights sent to you by the analysis team.

You can also access premium rebates and events such as expert seminars and webinars as well as social events. In order to qualify you need to have a minimum trade volume which is specified on the website as $15m USD notional volume.

Pepperstone review – fees and other commissions


Pepperstone does not specify a minimum deposit amount, but the broker recommends an initial 200 in your base currency. Payment methods include international bank wire transfers, epayments, visa and master cards.


There is a minimum withdrawal amount for international bank wire transfers, but the amount is not specified on the website. Otherwise, there is no minimum withdrawal. If you use an epayment method, there are maximum withdrawals, but you can withdraw as many times as necessary.


Pepperstone charges a conversion fee that starts at 0.4 pips. You will also have to pay an overnight fee if you decide to open a position after market hours. The price will depend on the trade size, the market price and the overnight interest. It is important to note that this broker does not charge an inactivity fee.

Pepperstone Review – Trading features and platforms

Position size

Pepperstone offers a maximum of 100 lots trading size, and a minimum of 0.01 lots. For Razor accounts the average EUR/USD spread varies from 0.0 to 0.03 pips. As for the Standard account it would differ between 1.0 – 1.3 pips.

Techniques allowed

As a forex broker, Pepperstone allows social trading, scalping and hedging. As a client you can use these strategies to try to maximize gains.

Risk management

Pepperstone offers risk management strategies so that you can minimize risks when placing an order. You can choose to use market order to buy or sell at the best possible price at the moment. Another available tool is the limit order. Here your trade is executed when it reaches a specific price.

You can also use stop orders. Here, you buy or sell once the price exceeds a specific mark. In this way, you can seize a price swing.

Markets and Assets

With Pepperstone as your broker, you can trade CFDs for currency indices, cryptocurrencies, shares, indices and commodities such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, cotton, sugar, and more.

You can also access forex markets and trade major, minors, exotics and crosses. Some of the exotics include the US dollar with the Russian ruble, the Swedish krone with the Japanese yen, euro with Turkish lira, the pound with the Canadian dollar, and many more.


The maximum leverage is 500:1. If you are a client under the FCA license, you can trade up to 30:1 as a retail trader, and access 500:1 once you are a professional client.


Pepperstone offers MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 which you can download on your mobile, tablet or computer for both Mac and Windows.

A third option is cTrader, a platform designed for both new and advanced traders. It supports 14 different languages including Turkish, Hungarian, German and Polish.

Pepperstone review: Social trading, education and support

Educational offering

Once you are registered to the Pepperstone forex broker, you can access live webinars hosted by experts. Trading guides are also available on the Pepperstone website. These are written by the broker’s analysis team and are aimed at different levels of traders.

You can also read articles that are aimed at beginner traders who need to know more about trading CFDs and forex.


A group of five men and FX Evolution are part of Pepperstone’s expert analysis team. They are on top of economic events or world coverage that could affect the market movements. You can read all about market analysis on their section for insights and trade ideas.

Social trading offering

Because of the Pepperstone regulations, they have been able to associate with different platforms in order to offer social trading. These are Myfxbook, mirror trader, MetaTrade Signals and DupliTrade.

Customer support

Pepperstone offers a 25/7 live chat. They have an FAQ section to solve the most common doubts. Depending on the third party platform, Pepperston offers over 30 languages. You also have the option to contact them through their phone numbers, email or social media.

Pepperstone review pros and cons


  • This broker allows social trading.
  • They have good customer service.
  • Low spreads.


  • They only offer forex and CFDs.
  • Traders from the US are not allowed.

How to open an account with Pepperstone

How to open an account

If you would like to open an account you must first go through an application process. Although it is not long, we will guide you through it with the step by step process below.

Look for the red button that says “open live account” on the top right corner. If you are one the main pade, you might also see another red button that says “start trading now”. You can choose any of these to begin your registration. Now you should see a new page where you must only add your email address. When you click the green “get started” button you will be asked to specify your account type, country of residence and password.
Pepperstone review

You must now proceed to fill in your name, date of birth, country of residence, address with postal code, nationality, insurance number and a secret question in case you forget your password.
Pepperstone review

After completing the previous step, you will be asked to specify more information. Pepperstone would like to know your trading preferences, employment, average income, declaration, and they will ask for an ID verification. All your information will be verified before having a functioning live account.
Pepperstone review

How to convert demo to real

If you opened a demo account, it only takes a few steps to convert to the live account. We will show you how to do it.

You should now click on where it says “live”.
Pepperstone review


You should now see the option to complete your registration process. You must now follow the same steps as shown above on “how to open an account”.
Pepperstone review

How to deposit money and start trading

Once you have registered for a live account, you are ready to deposit. Remember, the amount of time your funds will be credited into your account will depend on the deposit method you choose.

Log in to your account and look at the menu on the left. You should click on the third option that says “funds”.
Pepperstone review

You will now see all the funding options. If you click on “add funds” you will be able to choose one of the deposit methods.
Pepperstone review

Pepperstone Review: Is Pepperstone a safe broker?

Pepperstone is a globally present broker with low forex fees.  They are regulated by important authorities in order to offer trading services. Although their news section is not constant, they have great customer service to help you if you happen to have any doubts. Their educational section is mostly outlined for beginners, but you can find a few intermediate articles.

Remember forex trading goes hand in hand with a high risk possibility. One of the many ways to minimize risk is to be on top of market movements and constantly learn what there is to know about trading.

Once you open your 30 day demo account, you can convert it to a real account without a problem. You must click on “account” on the left menu bar. You should now see the image below when entering your Pepperstone demo account.


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